Kim Wilde

WATCH: A Very Merry Kim Wilde Entertains A Train

Remember that song ‘Kids In America’ from 1981? The one about being at the cusp of the new wave, with the punky “woah-OH!” bits at key moments during the chorus?

The Brit List: Five Great British Songs In Praise Of America

Be warned: it’s not common for British songwriters to come out with a song which unabashedly says “BLIMEY! AMERICA IS FLIPPING BRILLIANT, ISN”T IT!?” and the reasons for this are twofold,

Anglo For Your Ear: Kim Wilde’s “Cambodia”

In her debut video, 1981’s “Kids in America,” Kim Wilde was a bit rough-around-the-edges to the say the least. Her au natural rocker babe look suited that anarchic anthem well, I suppose.