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Royal Roundup: Kate’s Birthday – Big Bash or Cozy Gathering?

We’ll know in a short time, but it now appears that Kate’s 30th birthday celebrations will be reserved and low-key – not much of a surprise, really, and quite in keeping with the Duchess of Cambridge’s own public persona.

Daniel Craig vs. The Kardashians: It’s War

One of the reasons Daniel Craig is such an imposing figure as an actor is the very real seriousness he brings to his everyday encounters with people. Well, I say people, when I really mean journalists.

Salman Rushdie Writes A Limerick For Kim Kardashian

Writers do like to have a muck about with poetic forms, especially the really restrictive ones like haikus. Normally they’ll be trying to express some delicate emotion, like the happiness of a summer morn which has just been …

Royal Roundup: Did Charles’ Charities Lobby Government Officials?

The Guardian is reporting that Prince Charles‘ charity organizations have been involved in lobbying members of the British government.

Lost In Translation: Five Showbiz Icons The Brits Don’t Understand

Certain elements of popular entertainment, which seem to make perfect sense on one side of the Atlantic, are a total mystery by the time they get to the other.