Kill Your Darlings

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe to Fellow Actors: Challenge Studios to Make Better Films

Daniel Radcliffe says that creatives in Hollywood should put more pressure on studio executives to make more challenging films.

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe In Two Full ‘Kill Your Darlings’ Trailers

It’s really tempting to refer everything Daniel Radcliffe does back to Harry Potter.  You do it. I do it. It’s like a reflex reaction.

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe in ‘Kill Your Darlings’ Teaser

A recently-released 30 second teaser for Kill Your Darlings provides a first glance at former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe playing Beatnik Allen Ginsberg. The film looks at the lives of Ginsberg and his friends during the early …

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Impresses Sundance as Allen Ginsberg

Former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has made quite an impact at the Sundance Film Festival playing a role very unlike the boy wizard. In the film Kill Your Darlings, he portrays American Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg, an …