Keith Richards

Keith Richards’ Second Hand Smoke Blamed for Killing Flower

You know it’s Friday when you come across a crazy headline like the one I saw on The Guardian‘s website this morning: “Keith Richards killed my orchid”.

Music Roundup: Stereolab Strikes Again With ‘Not Music’

London's Stereolab has had quite the affluent career, haven't they? Laetitia Sadier & Co.

Roundup: Brit Army Chief Urges Channel 4 to Nix Prince Harry Doc

Earlier this month, Anglophenia shared the news that Britain's Channel 4 is scheduled to broadcast The Taking of Prince Harry, a 90-minute film capturing a potential hostage situation involving the Taliban and the 26-year-old ginger …

Roundup: Daniel Radcliffe Embraces ‘Twilight’ for ‘Simpsons’ Spoof

Daniel Radcliffe might just be trading in his wizard ways for a set of fangs. For an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, the famed Harry Potter actor will lend his voice to Edmund, who's a deadringer for Robert Pattinson's …

Keith Richards “To Donate His Body To Science”

If he ever manages to actually, you know, die one of these days, Keith Richards plans to donate his body to science. “Apparently, I do have an incredible immune system.

Keith Richards Still Having a Snort Over Dead Father

I guess now that Keith Richards‘ mother is no longer here to protest, the Rolling Stones guitarist can happily riff on snorting his father’s ashes without guilt.

The U.S. Dollar’s Taking a Pounding. Plus: ‘Posh’ Lessons.

As if London weren't expensive enough, a British pound will now officially cost you more than two American smackeroos. (BBC)

Disney Bans Keith Richards From “World’s End”

Disney is worried about how Keith Richards' recent "dad-snorting" comments will affect Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, in which he plays Johnny Depp's father. He's been effectively banished …

Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky, We Know Cokehead Keef’s a Junky…

Whether or not he actually inhaled his father's remains (it certainly wouldn't be a shocker if he did), Keith Richards has a wonderfully morbid sense of humor. The spokespeople for The Rolling Stones are stepping all …