Katie Price

Katie Price vs. Britney Spears: Who’s Ruining The Kids?

Y’know when your friends give up smoking and suddenly they can’t even stand near a bonfire without coughing in a really obvious and pointed way? That appears to be what’s happening with the British former glamour model …

America, Hide! Katie Price Is Coming…

I’m really sorry, I don’t quite know how to break this news in a way that won’t cause massive outbreaks of panic and alarm. Let’s just say that there’s another British cultural export on the way over, and, …

Lost In Translation: Five British Things Americans Don’t Understand

Sometimes, we Americans can’t ignore the fact that there are a handful of things we just don’t get about our dear Brits. For instance, how did morris dancing even start? Why are crumpets so great?

Emma Watson Is Britain’s Best Dressed Woman

Readers of the UK’s Glamour magazine have voted Harry Potter star Emma Watson as their Best Dressed Woman of the year, knocking last year’s winner, Cheryl Cole, into second place. We’ve had a quick vote around the …

Hide! Katie Price is Coming to the U.S.!

Anyone who saw the E! reality series following Katie “Jordan” Price and her then-husband Peter Andre will know that she is someone whose ambition knows no bounds.

The 5 Most Annoying British Songs of 2010

BBC America viewers voted, and these are the most annoying songs from British acts in 2010. Anglophenia contributor Fraser McAlpine gives his take on these torturous tunes.

POLL: The Most Annoying British Songs of 2010

A few months ago, we listed some of the worst British songs of all-time, but 2010 has offered up some worthy contenders to that dubious crown. Today, we present what we think are this year’s best examples of Anglo aural awfulness, …

Katie Price Tries To Sing Like Whitney Houston, Gets Laughed At

After attempting to perform a Whitney Houston (!) song at a wedding reception, Katie “Jordan” Price flew into a rage when she felt she was being mocked by model Nicola McLean.

Pamela Anderson on Jordan: “I Have No Idea How She Became Famous”

Pamela Anderson has slammed her big-boobed British counterpart, Jordan: “I have no idea how she became famous. [Anglophenia note: um, she posed topless for a rag. Kinda like you did, Pammy.

Katie Price Becomes Kate Andre: Jordan Changes Her Name

Jordan a.k.a.