Kate Bush

Kate Bush Releasing ‘Director’s Cut’ of Old Material in May

Any diehard Kate Bush fan is used to her recent sporadic releases: we’ve gone six years since her latest proper album, 2005’s Aerial. (Think that’s a long time?

Four Kate Bush Albums to be Reissued This Year?

As previously mentioned in last week’s (January 19) music roundup, parts of the blog world have been a little nuts lately regarding WotYouGot blog‘s recent revelation that some new Kate Bush material might be coming this …

Music Roundup: White Lies Pack a Punch with ‘Ritual’

Out this week is the fantastic new album from London’s White Lies. Produced by Alan Moulder (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails), the 10-song set that is Ritual builds upon the swarthy alt-rock trio’s 2008 debut, To Lose My …

Kate Bush’s First Love Reveals Hidden Inspiration Behind Hit Song

Kate Bush is a woman who needs no introduction. The raven-haired songstress has bewitched listeners with her mysterious lyrics and theatrical vocal delivery for over three decades.

Top British Musicians We’re Thankful For, Part 1

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Anglophenia will return with normal posts on Monday, November 30th. For now, enjoy a few British musicians we’ve been thankful for over the years.

John Lennon, Kate Bush, Moz/Marr Are Best British Songwriters

Clearly, The Daily Telegraph continues to get mileage out of its “50 best” series, and today, they are doing the 50 Best British Songwriters. And, by Jove, I think they get it mostly right.

Anglo For Your Ear: Kate Bush’s “Wow”

Look, it’s my first repetition on AFYE. Previously, I’d posted “The Man With the Child In His Eyes.

Anglo For Your Ear: Kate Bush’s “The Man With the Child In His Eyes”

This 1978 video shows a 19-year-old Kate Bush at her barely legal, softcore porn best. What a weirdo, and God, I wouldn’t have it any other way.