Kate Bush

Kate Bush Week: Five Great British Literary Songs

Writing songs is hard. You might have an astonishing melody over a brilliant chord sequence set to the best groove in the whole world, but if you can’t find the words to fit, you’re stumped.

Five Great Ethereal British Singers

To celebrate the release of Florence and the Machine’s second album Ceremonials, which hit the shelves in American stores yesterday, here’s a gatheration of five female singers whose work is far too shimmery and wafty to …

News Roundup: Adele’s Throat Unharmed By Smoking

I know, it’s the first thing I thought too. Here’s Adele with a recurring throat problem, in which she blows her own voice out time and again, and apparently it has nothing to do with her fondness for the gaspers …

New Kate Bush Album Due In November

I don’t know what wonderful thing 2011 has done for Kate Bush, an artist who likes to disappear for long stretches, but it must’ve been something pretty special for her to reward us all this thoroughly.

News Roundup: Adele Stresses Out, Mumford & Sons Go Golfing, and Hugh Grant Granted Access to Hacked Files

Poor Adele is convinced that the strain of her current astonishing success will see her off to an early grave, if she’s not careful. She told OK magazine: “Oh my God, I’m crippled by fear. I have awful stage fright. I don’t know what possesses me to do it. I think I’m going to …

Music Roundup: Are the Libertines Are Over?

In the new issue of NME, Carl Barat reveals that the future of The Libertines isn’t looking too bright.

Music Roundup: Coldplay, Muse to Headline Lollapalooza

With Coachella already done and Bonnaroo and Glastonbury set to go, rabid music lovers looking to sweat it out at yet another summer music festival can now look ahead to Lollapalooza.

Kate Bush on Performing Live Again: ‘Let’s Just See, Shall We?’

For the legions of Kate Bush fans who’ve wished they could see KT perform live, it seems like an improbable dream. But according to Digital Spy, the “Running Up That Hill” singer broaches the topic of possibly getting …

New Kate Bush Single (May Feature Autotune)

OK, this is gonna hurt. You know that autotune noise that gets used on a lot of nowadays pop songs? The one where it sounds like a human throat has been replaced with a pox of gargling molten rubber?

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (April 4): Zac Goldsmith’s Rejected Complaint, Kate Bush’s New Album

Conservative party politician Zac Goldsmith joins singer Kate Bush in trending today on Twitter in the UK.