Karen Gillan

LOOK: Alex Kingston and Karen Gillan Reunited

With Doctor Who fans still recovering from the restoration of superfan Osgood (and her Zygon doppelganger) to active service, it seems a good moment to pause and salute nerdy fans in general, as well a hat-tip towards cosplayers and the …

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Stars as Villains

Many of the qualities actors need in order to make the Doctor such an enigmatic hero are the same qualities that make for great villains. There’s that flinty intelligence, the ability to seethe behind the eyes, a certain …

Karen Gillan Joins Emma Watson in ‘The Circle’

Alex Kingston returning to Doctor Who as Professor River Song isn’t the only exciting casting news today, with Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan confirmed to join the forthcoming film The Circle, reports Deadline.