Joss Stone

Only Those Without Sin Shall Criticize Joss Stone, Says The Guardian

The Guardian‘s Alice Wignall talks about the huge media overreaction to Joss Stone‘s appearance on the Brit Awards and how tabloids attack her, Lily Allen, and Amy Winehouse for doing what many girls do – have fun, …

Joss Stone: Good Reviews In Spite of Off-Stage Drama

The Guardian‘s Angus Batey says Joss Stone‘s live performance at Koko was “a revelation, that powerful voice stronger, more emotive than ever. She sashays, shimmies and shakes her way around the stage, and even her …

Joss Stone or Anne Hathaway: Who’s the Bigger Wackadoo?

After Joss Stone turned up two hours late for her gig, The Daily Mail began to fear she could become another “Lauryn Hill, high priestess of flakiness.” But they dig her new material.

Brit Awards Round-Up

La moquette rouge was on-and-popping at last night’s Brit Awards. International film crews were at the end of the red carpet, and stars short on time often bypassed us altogether.