Jon Pertwee

‘Doctor Who’ On The Moon: A History

Well, fairly complete anyway. You can’t blame the writers of Doctor Who for seeking inspiration from Earth’s moon from time to time.

GALLERY: The Royal Mail Issues A Special Set Of ‘Doctor Who’ Stamps

This March, a new collection of Royal Mail stamps will be issued to mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. There will be eleven first class stamps, featuring each of the Doctor’s incarnations to date, and four second class …

‘Doctor Who': The Fury Of A Time Lord

There are two personality quirks that unite all eleven Doctors to date. One is that they all share a whimsical sense of humor (although some are less keen to display it than others), and the other is their respective tempers.

Life Outside The TARDIS: Jon Pertwee

For a man with such a singular visual presence and talent for physical comedy, it’s a surprise to discover that the bedrock of Jon Pertwee’s career was on the radio. Fresh out of the navy at the end of the Second World War, …

Elisabeth Sladen’s Autobiography Coming Soon

One of the sad things about Elisabeth Sladen’s cruelly premature death in April of this year, is that it denied her the chance to tell the full, uninterrupted story of working on the longest running science fiction TV show of all …

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Facebook to Rent Out ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes

Well the first and biggest story is of course that Whovians can now “rent” whole Doctor Who stories via Facebook, in a new deal with BBC Worldwide.

How To Dress Like The Third Doctor

Now we’re cooking on gas! Having established a few of the basic bits and bobs you’ll need if you wish to indulge in what I now realize is called cosplay around the First Doctor and the Second Doctor, it’s time to start …

A Companion To The Doctor’s Companions: Jo Grant

Once upon a time, the idea that the Doctor and his assistant could possibly be attracted to one another, as has been played out in recent series, wasn’t just miscegenation of species, it was…icky.