John Lennon

WATCH: ‘Good Vibrations,’ The Story Of The Label That Launched ‘Teenage Kicks’

Let’s start with the basics, so we all know we’re on the same page.

“Teenage Kicks” by the Undertones is one of the greatest singles ever made. It’s one of the greatest singles ever made by a band from the British/Irish Isles, it’s one of the greatest singles ever made by a punk ...

Ian Hart Is Playing John Lennon…AGAIN

If you haven’t seen the Liverpudlian actor Ian Hart – who you may remember as the turbanned Professor Quirrell in the first Harry Potter movie – playing John Lennon, this post isn’t going to make a whole lot of sense, ...

Anne-Marie Duff Returns to UK ‘Shameless’ Finale

Bafta-nominated actress Anne-Marie Duff is set to return to the Channel 4 hit show Shameless, which launched the career of Duff and her now-husband James McAvoy, as it comes to an end in 2013, reports BBC News.

Happy 50th Birthday, ‘Love Me Do’

Clearly there was something in the water on the 5th of October 1962, not one but two globeshaking British cultural institutions, the kind of worldwide brands that came to define how the nation was perceived from the outside and the ...

Kevin Macdonald on Saoirse Ronan’s New Role – and Bob Marley

Scottish director Kevin Macdonald confirms that 17-year-old Irish actress Saoirse Ronan is breaking new ground in his forthcoming feature How I Live Now. He says: “It’s one of the first roles she’s done where it’s a ...

So, Did Cee-Lo Green Spoil ‘Imagine’ Or Not?

On New Year’s Eve, Cee-Lo Green took to the stage in the middle of Times Square, to perform a version of the John Lennon song ‘Imagine,’ as a timely prayer for peace and understanding across all creeds and ...

How Much Would YOU Pay For John Lennon’s Tooth?

There is definitely an overlap between collecting celebrity memorabilia and gathering holy relics. Y’know back in medieval times there used to be a galloping trade in bits of the cross, bits of the saints, bits of the Lord Jesus ...

Happy Birthday, Ringo Starr!

“The Beatles were so high, they let Ringo sing on a couple of tunes” – Bill Hicks

If Christopher Eccleston Can’t Make A Good Beatles Film, Can Liam Gallagher?

Liam Gallagher has revealed that his production company has now finished work on the script for a movie about the Beatles’ near-ruinous business venture, Apple, and he’s now on the lookout for actors.

New Yellow Submarine ‘Scuttled’ By Disney

The film director Robert Zemeckis (Back To The Future, Forrest Gump) is today shopping for a new studio deal for his remake of the Beatles film Yellow Submarine, after Disney Studios have opted not to fund it.