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‘Arrow’ Execs Cite ‘Doctor Who’ as Influence, Discuss Casting John Barrowman

We’ve been seeing a lot of John Barrowman on American TV lately, between his enormously entertaining appearances on BBC AMERICA’s Brit List and Doctor Who specials and his charming cameo at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. ...

Life Outside The TARDIS: John Barrowman

Be warned, one of these clips contains the least sexy moment of sexy dialogue in the history of people pretending to be other people for the benefit of everyone else. However, we shall endeavor to get through the trauma with the minimum ...

John Barrowman Joins the Cast of CW’s ‘Arrow’

Torchwood fans stateside will be pleased to hear that a familiar face will be popping onto their telly screens this fall. Entertainment Weekly reports John Barrowman has nabbed a reoccurring role in the CW’s upcoming action drama ...

The Brit List: 10 Out-and-Proud British Celebrities

Torchwood star John Barrowman came out to his parents in 1992. (Photo via BBC)

‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like Captain Jack Harkness

Boys, this is an easy one. A little bit of digging about in your nearest army surplus store or uniform supply warehouse (you’ve got those in every town, right?) and your costume is as good as finished.

Summer of London: How John Barrowman Stays So Dapper

As the Summer of London moves forward with a look at fashion from across the pond, Torchwood star John Barrowman chimes in with his favorite London designer.

Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites: Men of 2012, Hiddleston vs. Cumberbatch

It was a sweet inevitability, the race this entire tournament was gearing up for. Yes, there were obstacles and potential spoilers in the way — Alan Rickman loomed as a possible repeat victor, David Tennant nearly knocked out ...

Summer of London: Which ‘AbFab’ Character is John Barrowman Most Like?

This Summer of London will see the return of Absolutely Fabulous to BBC America. To celebrate the occasion, we asked our good friend John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood) which character on the series he identifies with most.

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Karen Gillan Named Scottish Fashion Icon of the Year

Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) certainly looks smashing in clothes, and folks are taking notice of her quirky sense of style. Well, the Scotland-born Doctor Who beauty was named the Scottish Fashion Icon of the Year at the Scottish Fashion ...

Summer of London: John Barrowman Picks His Favorite One Direction Member!

In the latest installment of our “Brit List: Summer of London” series, we twist Torchwood star John Barrowman‘s arm and get him to pick his favorite member of that newest British import One Direction, the Simon ...