JK Rowling

Is Harry Potter 7(b) The Third Greatest Film Of All Time?

It’s official; JK Rowling is now more popular than JRR Tolkein, in terms of movie box office returns, at any rate.

JK Rowling: ‘I Come From A Long Line Of Single Mothers’

If you’ve ever watched the celebrity genealogy program Who Do You Think You Are, you’ll be well aware that the stars often suddenly find themselves overcome by the parallels between their own lives and those of the people further up …

News Roundup: JK Rowling’s Alternate Harry Potter Ending, Alec Baldwin’s Advice to David Cameron

Did you hear the one about the alternative Harry Potter ending? Apparently the journalist Greg Palast has seen an alternative draft JK Rowling wrote for the very end of the Potter tales, the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort, …

News Roundup: George Harrison Doc Heads to HBO, U2’s The Edge Is Pissed, and Sharon Osbourne’s Stolen Wedding Ring Returned

Beatlefans! There’s a new George Harrison documentary on the way, which will feature footage from his personal home video collection. George Harrison: Living In the Material World is a two-part epic, due to be shown in October. It’s been produced by Martin Scorsese for HBO, and will run for a total of three and …

WATCH: ‘Harry Potter’ Bids Farewell in Grand New York Finale

It was quite a scene at Lincoln Center in New York where throngs of screaming fans had congregated for the final premiere of a Harry Potter film in the city. They stood in blistering heat to witness the stars from the British film series as they walked the red carpet.

JK Rowling Keeps The Magic Alive With ‘Pottermore’

For the last week, fans of the Harry Potter franchise have been trying to puzzle out what JK Rowling’s new website Pottermore is all about. There was a holding page put up, which featured two owls, so with that and the name it was …

Five British Champions Of Children’s Literature

Writing books that children want to listen to and read, and that won’t drive adults mad via endless repetition is a devil of a job. One false note, and the whole thing falls apart like a scone in a river.

No More Harry Potters For Daniel Radcliffe

As George Lucas will (probably not) tell you, the key to a successful franchise is to know when to stop. With the Harry Potter books, J.K.

Will JK Rowling Sign Off on ‘Harry Potter’ eBook Deal?

While we assume that most Harry Potter devotees are perfectly content with their well-loved hardcover collections, it sounds like JK Rowling might allow her prized series to go digital. That means you could lose yourself in your …

Steve Earle Loves ‘Harry Potter.’ Who’dathunkit?

Anyone who’s followed the zig-zag life and work of Steve Earle knows that he is a man of unexpected passions and deep thoughts. So it shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that one of the abiding literary joys of his …