Jimmy Fallon

WATCH: Jamie Dornan Plays ‘Fifty Accents of Grey’ on ‘Fallon’

If you think E.L. James‘ purple prose in Fifty Shades of Grey is remarkably silly, wait till you hear lines from her best-selling novel done in ridiculous accents.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter Step Out in NYC

Just in case there were any die-hard Cumbergangers who refused to believe in Benedict’s engagement to the award-winning director, playwright, actress and singer Sophie Hunter on the grounds that they have very, very rarely been …

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Raps (Well) on ‘Fallon’

Because we simply can’t get enough of British actors trying their hand at the pop music. Especially if it’s hip hop.

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Asks Advice from Helen Mirren in ‘Mirren, Mirren on the Wall’ Skit

In true Jimmy Fallon style, he threw on a wig, “fancy dress” and even an accent when Dame Helen Mirren recently swung by his late-night show.

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon’s The Roots House Band Raps ‘Harry Potter’

Late-night host Jimmy Fallon pulled out a reader’s request from the Tonight Show suggestion box reading, “Hey Jimmy, I love the Harry Potter theme, but I also love rap. Is there any way you can combine the two?”

Top 10 U.K. Viral Videos of 2013: Celebrities Letting Loose

You’ve watched them, shared them, and probably GIF’d them all, but in case you missed some of the best celebrity moments of the year, or just want to watch them again and again, here’s a comprehensive list of our …

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon, Sir Paul McCartney Do an Accent Swap

We are living for this video today: Sir Paul McCartney appeared as the guest on last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new record (which is called New and comes out October 15). The Beatles legend mused on his …

WATCH: Simon Pegg Wishes Harry Potter ‘Happy Birthday’ as an Intoxicated Ron Weasley

For those unaware — you muggles, you — yesterday was Harry Potter’s 33rd birthday. The beloved J.K.

Whoopi Goldberg Joins Sir Jimmy in Stately ‘Downton Sixbey’

Jimmy Fallon is at it again. The host of NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon aired a follow-up parody late last week to his original spoof of the popular British TV drama, Downton Abbey.

Lord Jimmy Fallon in ‘Downton Sixbey’

Another week, and there’s yet another Downton Abbey parody video. This latest one is from Jimmy Fallon and aired on his Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show on NBC.