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News Roundup: Celebrities Respond to the British Riots On Twitter

As the riots across London and elsewhere continue to dominate British news, our celebs have come out in force (well, on Twitter at any rate) to condemn the lootings.

News Roundup: The Beckhams’ Golden Tribute to Harper, Pete Doherty and Carla Bruni Pal Up, and Helen ‘Body of the Year’ Mirren

Y’know that family who’ve just had a new baby and they’re so smitten they can’t stop recording every aspect of their child’s growth? And changing their Facebook profile picture to a picture of the baby?

It’s All Tattoo Much For Jessie J

Everyone’s seen bad tattoos, right? The ones where the artist can’t draw, the ones where the fancy gothic lettering is perfect, but there’s a grocer’s apostrophe in there which changes the meaning, and worst of all, the ones …

Matthew Morrison Eyes Jessie J for ‘Glee’ Cameo

Matthew Morrison surely has a thing for name-dropping acts he’d like to see featured, or better yet guest star, on Fox’s hit dramedy Glee. He’s already said that Sir Elton John and Adele are on his wish list, but now …

Editor of Spin Loves Adele, But Not So Hot on Jessie J (Photos)

We asked Spin magazine editor Doug Brod his thoughts on 2011's biggest UK music imports. He delivers his verdict on Adele and Jessie J and offers some predictions on the Next Big Things from across the pond. BROWSE OUR PHOTO GALLERY

The Tellyvangelist – Top 5 Shows to Watch: Week of May 16 – 22

What’s British on U.S. television this week? Jeremy Irons‘s Borgias reaches its final crescendo and assorted Brits hit the chat show lineup. All times in EST and are subject to change.

UK Chart Report: The American Invasion

Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute here! Aren’t we supposed to be in this together? Aren’t the British and Americans the joint rulers of all things popular and musical?

UK Chart Report: LMFAO’s Enemies Gather, And Blue Recieve Lukewarm Support

In this week’s chart, there’s not much going on at the very top. LMFAO are still ruling the roost with their “Party Rock Anthem,” and Bruno Mars’s “The Lazy Song” is chipping away at their heels …

Jessie J: ‘I Ooze British’

If there is one characteristic which unites all British cultural exports (or imports, depending where you are), it’s our way with words. As a nation we pride ourselves on being able to talk good, and furthermore, to not talk not …

UK Chart Report: No Sign Of A Wedding Song

This week’s singles chart is dominated not by revolutionary screams against the monarchy nor celebratory odes to a wondrous party, it’s strictly business as usual, which begs the question: has pop music forgotten about the …