Jeremy Clarkson

Top Gear Thursday: Top Gear Stunt School Revolution 2.0 Hits the Streets

The new Top Gear Stunt School Revolution 2.0 is “apptastic,” announced Top Gear UK. It’s got 50 percent more content and action than the previous iteration, and, through Facebook Connect, you can race your friends.

Top Gear Thursday: For Richard Hammond, It *Is* Rocket Science

In the season two finale of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, Richard Hammond is aiming high — 40,000 feet high — by joining scientists to launch an actual rocket from the Mojave Desert.

Top Gear Personality Quiz: Are You Jeremy, Richard or James?

The thing you have to realise about the Anglophenia personality quizzes is they are an inexact science. So inexact, in fact, that if you made a car using the kind of sweeping generalisations in the place of precise measurement that we ...

Top Gear Thursday: Richard’s Career as a Barber – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Could the two professions of barber and helicopter test pilot be any more different? Aside from the use of the word “blade” and the phrase “take off” (and even that’s stretching it), we couldn’t think of any ...

Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond’s Back in the Saddle

Perhaps Richard Hammond didn’t get the “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor” nursery ditty straight when he was a kid. Maybe his non-rhyming version went “cattle rancher, cab driver, stuntman, barber.

Top Gear Thursday: He Steals Marlboros From Jeremy Clarkson, and They Call Him ‘The Cig’


We wuz robbed, Jeremy Clarkson and James May said (more or less).

Top Gear Thursday: ‘Top Gear’ is the Most-Watched Factual Show in the World

That’s right, just like the headline said: More people watch Top Gear than any other factual show in the world.

Top Gear Thursday: Top Gear Magazine’s Journalistic Coup

The editor of Top Gear magazine has test driven the ultra-swanky Aston Martin One-77 and lived to tell about it.

Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond’s Busy American Summer

As you probably know, Richard Hammond has been in the U.S. filming the second season of his show Crash Course.

Top Gear Thursday: Show Helps Olympic Athlete Gunning for Gold

We know that Top Gear bolsters the UK’s automotive spirit, but did you know that it’s helped at least one British athlete prepare for the Olympic games?