Jennifer Saunders

The Spice Girls Musical Won’t Last Forever

The Spice Girls musical, Viva Forever, which was written by Jennifer Saunders and featured all of the big Spice songs (and some of the smaller ones) is set to close after a seven month run, with Daily Mail-reported debts of £5 ...

Joanna Lumley is Taking Patsy to the Grave

Joanna Lumley broke the mold when bringing Absolutely Fabulous‘s Patsy to life. It’s understandable she doesn’t want anyone else playing her.

Photos: Celebrity Olympic Torchbearers… It’s the Final Stretch!

Wow, the day is finally here! The Olympic torch started its adventure in Land’s End, Cornwall, making its way to the four corners of the United Kingdon, landing in East London at the Olympic Stadium this evening (July 27) at ...

Summer of London: Five Great British Comedies on iTunes

With the new BBC America docu-comedy Twenty Twelve premiering Thursday (June 28) at 9/8c, we thought it might be fun to “‘av a laugh” by checking out iTunes where BBC America is giggling its way through Summer of ...

The Spice Girls: What Do They Really, Really Want NOW?

Yep, here’s a family photo you possibly didn’t expect to see again (for a while at least). It’s the five Spice Girls, on the same hotel steps their viciously tall shoes treated so aggressively in for the ...

Next ‘AbFab’ Special To Air BAFTA Night, February 12

Last night, Absolutely Fabulous fans partied like it was 1992 with the U.S.

Gallery: How to Dress Like Edina From ‘Absolutely Fabulous’

WATCH: New ‘AbFab’ Clip: ‘There’s a New Disease Called the Kardashians, Dahling’

With the Absolutely Fabulous 20th Anniversary Special is set to storm American shores on Sunday, January 8 on BBC America, the BBC in the UK has released a brand-new clip of the show. And while the set-up is just like old times — ...

WATCH: Stephen Mangan Stars In ‘The Hunt For Tony Blair’

This might take a little explaining so bear with me. In the 1980s, when British TV took the quantum leap from three channels of TV to four, Channel Four (the fourth channel) commissioned a series of one-off comedies called The Comic ...

Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament, Women of 2011: Round 1

We've crowned the men's champion. Now let's move on to the ladies. 32 fabulous British women vie for the title. Pippa Middleton or Karen Gillan? Helen Mirren or Joanna Lumley? Start your fan campaigns now and vote!