James Nesbitt

So James Nesbitt As Doctor Who…What Do You Think, BBC AMERICA Fans?

Doctor Who creator Russell T. Davies and star David Tennant have not announced their departures yet, but that hasn’t stopped The Sun from predicting their replacements.

Jekyll Actor James Nesbitt Travels To Southern Sudan

Actor James Nesbitt (Murphy’s Law, Cold Feet, Jekyll) is also a UNICEF ambassador. In his latest humanitarian effort, he has travelled to war-ravaged Sudan and filed an exclusive report with ITV News.

Quick Shots: Gina Bellman, James Nesbitt, Ricky Gervais, Naveen Andrews.

The gorgeous Gina Bellman (formerly of Coupling) speaks very highly of her Jekyll co-star, James Nesbitt. She tells Telegraph: "I watched James as an actor and as a person on set and I saw that he was charismatic and enigmatic ...