James May

Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond’s Back in the Saddle

Perhaps Richard Hammond didn’t get the “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor” nursery ditty straight when he was a kid. Maybe his non-rhyming version went “cattle rancher, cab driver, stuntman, barber.

Top Gear Thursday: He Steals Marlboros From Jeremy Clarkson, and They Call Him ‘The Cig’


We wuz robbed, Jeremy Clarkson and James May said (more or less).

Top Gear Thursday: Hiring the Show’s Crew for ‘The Sweeney’ Was ‘Touch of Genius’

When director Nick Love needed to get some help filming car chases for The Sweeney, his movie version of the famous British TV police series, where did he turn?

Top Gear Thursday: Top Gear Magazine’s Journalistic Coup

The editor of Top Gear magazine has test driven the ultra-swanky Aston Martin One-77 and lived to tell about it.

Top Gear Thursday: BMW Art Cars Take Over a London Car Park

London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts is closed for the Olympics – but the ICA is taking over a parking garage for a very special exhibit about cars.

Summer of London: Four of the ‘Top Gear’ Hosts’ Best Moments

Top Gear hosts – Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and  Richard Hammond– pride themselves on their automotive performance and, of course, outdoing one another. A bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone.

Top Gear Thursday: The Batmobile Rises

The Dark Knight Rises opens next week, and the folks at TopGear.com dug up some interesting facts about the cars in the movie.

Top Gear Thursday: Defender of Three-Wheeled Car Strikes Back at Jeremy Clarkson


Jeremy Clarkson has long made fun of the three-wheeled car known as the Reliant Robin. Clarkson jokes about them and has even rolled them over on Top Gear.

Summer of London: Five ‘Top Gear’ Episodes to Watch on Holiday

Gearheads of the world, BBC America has jump-started this Summer of London with free and discounted episodes of the British original Top Gear.

Top Gear Thursday: Season Two Once Was ‘Lost’, But Now It’s Found

There have been lots of things lost throughout history. The lost tribes of Israel; the books lost in the fire that burned down the great library of Alexandria; the lost Continent of Atlantis; the Titanic, lost at sea; and of course, the ...