James Corden

WATCH: Stevie Wonder Takes James Corden for a Spin

You may think the headline above has been transposed by mistake and James Corden was behind the wheel, but nope, it’s correct as written. Legendary American singer Stevie Wonder joined Corden for some carpool karaoke and he opted to …

PICS: James Corden Gets His OBE

Here’s the moment when James Corden first got to show off his OBE medal, after visiting Buckingham Palace for his investiture this morning (July 25).

WATCH: Allison Janney Pounces on James Corden

It’s not every day one of the finest comic actors working today engages in a very public act of snoggage with another for the benefit of a howling audience at a TV awards show. In fact, had Tina Fey and Amy Schumer not been doing …