James Callis

Pilot Season: Which British Actors Saw Their TV Shows Picked Up?

Jason Isaacs and Ioan Gruffudd made the cut. As did Robert Carlyle and Shelley Conn.

‘Battlestar Galactica’ is BBC America-Bound

Today (April 21), Anglophenia posted an exclusive interview with Jamie Bamber about his new NBC pilot 17th Precinct and the British Invasion currently hitting American TV. Well, Bamber fans, here's some major news. The show that made him famous, Battlestar Galactica, will be airing on BBC America starting Saturday, June 18.

British Talent Lined Up for Ronald Moore’s NBC Pilot, ’17th Precinct’

The police procedural could be the most creatively spent genre in all of television. (Yet networks continue to churn them out.