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WATCH: Prince William Has Formed A Supergroup

If you wait long enough, every possible combination of famous people will eventually do something collaborative on the internet. It could be Kanye West, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Homer Simpson, it could be Jennifer Lawrence, the ...

Has James Blunt Quit Music For Good?


Although, he did tell the Mail, in the safe, confidential enclosure of a nightclub launch party, that he was looking to take a break after a gruelling world tour, and that he hadn’t got around to writing any new songs yet, so ...

Ten Great British Songs Performed By Muppets

Note: some of these are songs performed with Muppets as well as by Muppets. But there are songs and there are Muppets, so that should be good enough for anyone.

Fancy a Shag with James Blunt?

If your answer is yes, you best not be a celebrity. James Blunt might just kick you out of the sack, and probably for a sizable bag of chips.

The Tellyvangelist – Week of May 2 – 8

This week’s TV schedule is no longer dominated by royal wedding coverage, leaving the airwaves free for wall-to-wall Thor promo before its May 6 U.S. debut.

Royal Roundup: James Blunt to Play William and Kate’s Wedding?

British pop singer James Blunt, famous for his ballad “You’re Beautiful,” has announced that he will play organ at the royal wedding. “I’m actually playing.

The Tellyvangelist: Feb. 7-13

In this week’s Tellyvangelist — your weekly guide to all that’s British on U.S.

James Blunt Says He Stopped World War III

Long before James Blunt topped the charts with his 2005 international hit "You're Beautiful", he served as an officer in the British Army. Now, the English singer/songwriter has come forward to discuss a decision he made in order to ...

BRITS 2008: Interview with James Blunt

How does it feel to live in the shadow of a massive hit? The “You’re Beautiful” singer responds…

Amy Winehouse Is the New Liza Minnelli, In Case You Didn’t Know

Guess, just guess, who said this about Amy Winehouse: “I love that beehive she wears, I love her tattoos, I’d lick her toes. I’m in love with Amy, I’d like to lick the inside of her hair – I’d ...