Jack Davenport

‘Smash’ Star Jack Davenport Returns to British TV

His NBC series Smash might be quickly bleeding viewers, but Jack Davenport need not worry: he’s still capable of booking choice parts. Digital Spy reports that he has been cast as the “brilliant but charismatic surgeon Otto …

Summer of London: Five Great British Comedies on iTunes

With the new BBC America docu-comedy Twenty Twelve premiering Thursday (June 28) at 9/8c, we thought it might be fun to “‘av a laugh” by checking out iTunes where BBC America is giggling its way through Summer of …

Steven Moffat’s OTHER Greatest Hits

Last night, Steven Moffat picked up the Dennis Potter special trophy at the BAFTA Television awards, for services to writing extremely good TV shows. We all know about Doctor Who and Sherlock, but what about his other work?