‘Dark Knight’ Director Christopher Nolan Talks About Keeping Batman Real

Like the magicians in his movie The Prestige, Christopher Nolan uses clever tricks to put on amazing shows.

‘This Means War': Is Tom Hardy Leading Man Material?

Newly-minted British movie star Tom Hardy gets his first chance to top-line in a big-budget studio film with This Means War, a comic action romance opening on today (February 17). He gets equal billing (though his name is listed third) …

Oscars 2011 Recap: ‘The King’s Speech’ Prevails with Four Awards

After Ricky Gervais took it in the chin for his “mean-spirited” hosting job at January’s Golden Globes, the 83rd annual Academy Awards tried to make sure Sunday evening’s (February 27) show from Hollywood’s …

‘Inception’ Director Christopher Nolan is $71.5 Million Brit

Last year, The Guardian named Inception director Christopher Nolan “the most powerful Brit in film.” And the man’s got the dough to prove it.

Inception’ Director Christopher Nolan ‘Most Powerful’ Brit in Film

Today, The Guardian released its “Film Power 100″ list of industry insiders who “shape the exper­ience of film viewing in the UK.” American filmmakers James Cameron and Steven Spielberg are No. 1 and No.

Inception’s Christopher Nolan To Become UK’s Highest-Grossing Director?

Christopher Nolan is currently Hollywood’s golden boy, with his high-concept action thriller Inception topping the U.S. box office for the third weekend in a row.