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Iconic British Things No.10: The Phone Box

As we’re now frantically getting ready for the Doctor Who convention this weekend, now seems a perfect time to launch an appreciation of the Great British phone box, which has enjoyed not one but two iconic design moments, of the ...

Iconic British Things No.9: Talking About The Weather

The British live in a temperate climate, which, if you’re in California, means that it is sometimes wet and sometimes cold and sometime snowy and sometimes sunny and sometimes haily and sometimes misty and sometimes grey and ...

Iconic British Things No. 8: A Brief History Of ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’

If you’re into British stuff and have been near an internet over the past couple of years, the dominant meme which has come up time and again, apart from changing the subtitles on Downfall to make it look like Hitler is fed up ...

Iconic British Things No.7: Marmite

If you’re anything like me, the very first thing you want to do on entering a new country is to go to a supermarket or corner shop and look at the everyday things which are common to that nation, but entirely alien to your home. ...

Iconic British Things Part 6: The Stiff Upper Lip

It’s always nice to make a feature out of a fault, if only because it helps the person with the fault psychologically manage it, and not worry that they’re faulty, or that the fault is something which requires immediate ...

Iconic British Things Part 5: The Humble Cuppa

The glorious French comic book Asterix In Britain spoofed the British love of a cup of tea to perfection: battles between an invading Roman army would grind to a halt as the Englishmen left the field at 5pm, in order to make a spot of ...

A Consumer’s Guide To British Chocolate

Let’s not mess about, British chocolate is, by and large, better than American chocolate. Even our language around chocolate serves to bear this out.

Iconic British Things Part 4: The London Underground Map

Today we are going to be doffing our caps to a designer who truly changed the way people see the world, and made London a less confusing place into the bargain.

Iconic British Things Part 3: Fish & Chips

It’s time to rock a few commonly-held pre-conceptions about the British, just to separate the myth from reality. Barely anyone wears a bowler hat, for example.

Iconic British Things Part 2: Red Double Decker Buses

I grew up in a village in rural Oxfordshire: there wasn’t a lot of traffic and there was a lot of walking. There were buses, which went into town two or three times an hour, but they weren’t a big part of village life.