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Canada Bans Marmite, Irn Bru and Ovaltine

Before we get into this, let’s just put to one side the idea that any banning of these most British of foodstuffs is to do with how they taste, OK? That snarky behaviour will not be welcomed, partly because it is bad manners, but ...

London Taxis Take the Top Spot in Hotels.com Survey

London has been voted the world’s favorite city for traveling by taxi, reports the Associated Press. This is the fifth year in a row the iconic black cab has topped the Hotels.com survey.

Iconic British Things: The Black Cab

Ah there she is! The latest incarnation of a vehicle whose roots go back (in name if not in technology) nearly 400 years.

Iconic British Things (A Footnote)

Everyone takes ownership of the things they love, to a greater or lesser extent. You listen to your favorite singer or watch your favorite TV show for long enough, and it feels like it belongs to you personally, never mind the fact that ...

Iconic British Things No.15: Afternoon Tea At The Ritz


Some cultural events are so rarified and so famous, that you’d be hard pushed to find more than a handful of natives that have actually taken part, for fear of appearing to be a walking cliche. The wearing of a bowler hat, for ...

Iconic British Things No.14: The Mini

It’s interesting to think that without the Suez Crisis in the late 1950s, a British design classic would never have been born. Never mind your Prius or hybrids, this is the first mass-marketed car which was designed to operate on ...

Iconic British Things No.14: Morris Dancing

Some people think being tough is all about swaggering around smugly, as if inviting people to hit you in the face and smash their feeble fists into rattling mush. Some people thing being tough is about being the biggest alpha creature ...

Iconic British Things No.13: Football

“Football’s not a matter of life and death … it’s more important than that” – Bill Shankly, Liverpool FC manager.

Iconic British Things: A Salute To Jim Marshall (1923 – 2012) And His Stack Of Glory

Jim Marshall, the pioneer of loud guitar amplification and creator of the Marshall stack, has sadly passed away at the age of 88.

Iconic British Things No.11: Jaffa Cakes

For some reason, the world of flat, round, sweet confections that can be eaten with a glass of milk or a hot beverage is a hotbed of cultural difference all over the world. Even the terminology is askew.