Ian Brown

WATCH: Spoof Stone Roses Documentary ‘The Second Second Coming’

We’ve all seen those rock docos where an endless parade of talking heads trot out their half-baked ideas about bands and music and how things are made and what they do when they are made and all that. It’s a format which is …

Are The Stone Roses Reforming? REALLY?

We bring you this news story more in hope than in confidence. We’ve all been let down too many times before, and the last time the denials did seem very vehement indeed.

Anglo For Your Ear: The Stone Roses’ “Bye Bye Badman”

By far, my favorite Stone Roses tune. In my estimation, way better than “Fool’s Gold.

Ian Brown Hates on Kylie Minogue

Ian Brown, former frontman for The Stone Roses, launched an attack on Kylie Minogue while backstage at the Q awards, telling BBC Radio Five Live: “I don’t think she’s cute. I don’t think she’s …