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Lost in Translation: Five British Showbiz Icons Americans Adore

Picking up where my colleague Fraser McAlpine left off with his “Lost In Translation: Five Showbiz Underachievers The British Adore” list, it’s time to highlight five Brits who’ve gained huge respect and legions ...

Five Great American Things The British Improved

As discussed in our previous essay, Five Great American Things The British Ruined, having a good idea is one thing, executing it to the best of its potential is something else.

Is Hugh Laurie Leaving House?

House fans, you might want to cherish every new episode you can clap your peepers on from here on in, because if Hugh Laurie is to be believed, there may not be many more.

The Tellyvangelist: Top 5 Shows to Watch – Week of May 9 – 15

Yes, this is your weekly guide to all things British on U.S. TV, but this time, we’re doing things a bit differently.

WATCH: Hugh Laurie Performs on ‘Later… with Jools Holland’

House star Hugh Laurie showed off some serious tickling of the ivories on the BBC music show Later… with Jools Holland on Tuesday (April 19). The 51-year-old English actor sang “Swanee River,” one of the 15 songs featured ...

Hugh Laurie Cast in ‘Mister Pip’

Deadline reveals that English actor Hugh Laurie will soon be heading down under to begin work on the 2012 drama, Mister Pip.

Hugh Laurie: ‘I Would Have Liked to Have Become a Doctor’

While he portrays one of television’s coolest medical professionals — a.k.a.

Hugh Laurie’s Got The Blues

Some people are so ridiculously talented it is positively sickening. Like Hugh Laurie, for example.

The Tellyvangelist: Feb. 28-March 6

In this week's Tellyvangelist — your weekly guide to all that's British on U.S. TV — learn how Emily Blunt’s fate has been adjusted and catch two performances by Taio Cruz!

WATCH: New ‘Hop’ Trailer Featuring Russell Brand

When we think of Russell Brand, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t exactly of the warm and fuzzy sort. But this spring, the British funnyman tames his signature raunchy ways to voice a teenage bunny named E.