How To Dress Like Doctor Who

‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How to Dress Like the Twelfth Doctor

It’s taken a while to process who the Twelfth Doctor believes himself to be, after his predecessor spent such a long time being an old man in a young man’s body. Twelve has the air of a man who has realized that no one will …

‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How to Dress Like Missy

One of the best things about the arrival of Michelle Gomez as Missy in Doctor Who is there’s another character with a totally identifiable look that you could spot from a mile off. Granted, that look is a variant on someone …

‘Doctor Who’ And The Eleven Archaic Wardrobe Choices

The Doctor has a magpie eye when it comes to getting dressed. He knows what he likes, and what he likes tends to be unaffected by the vagaries of fashion, because he is a man out of time.

The Best Eleven Items In The Doctor’s Wardrobe

Doctor Who fans are obsessives when it comes to detail, and rightly so. They’ll spend ages scouring thrift stores, costumiers and the web to track down exactly the right cat brooch to go with their painstakingly hand-sewn Sixth …

Quick Cosplay Guide to the Doctors of ‘Doctor Who’

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! Are you a huge Doctor Who fan looking to head off to San Diego Comic-Con or some other event cosplaying as the Doctor? Well, look no further.

‘Doctor Who': A Companion To The Sixth Doctor

For a huge variety of reasons that it’s probably best not to linger on here, the years during which Colin Baker played the irascible Sixth Doctor were not uniformly happy ones for his character or for Doctor Who.

‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like Amy Pond

OK, here’s the last of our roundup of recent companion cosplay posts, and it’s the girl who not only waited, but shopped a fair bit too. We’ve picked the most Amy-ish outfit, out of a huge variety of Amy-ish outfits, …

‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like Rory Williams

Hello, How To Dress fans! Time to offer the cosplay boys a chance to stay out of the frock-coat and suit shops, for a change.

‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like Idris

Before anyone gets clever, we know that Idris is possessed with the soul of the TARDIS, and we know that dressing like the TARDIS just involves a cardboard box and lots of blue paint. Let’s assume that we know that you know this, …

‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like River Song

In one sense, getting the River Song look is harder than with other characters, simply because she rarely wears the same thing twice. However, the good news is that almost everything she does wear, she seems to make her own, and …