Heather Mills

Heather Mills Praises Self for Setting Up Beatles iTunes Deal

Man, it seems that Heather Mills will do anything to keep herself in the headlines. The Beatles have barely been on iTunes for a hot minute, however the cackling blonde ex of Sir Paul McCartney has chimed in on the matter.

Paul McCartney Not-So-Subtly Disses Heather In Tribute To Linda

I think you can take this as Sir Paul McCartney‘s first real, post-divorce statement about Heather Mills. In an article he wrote himself in yesterday’s London Times, McCartney paid tribute to late wife Linda McCartney ahead …

Yes, They’ve Made a Video Game of the Paul-Heather Divorce

Play Muccachucka, the Paul McCartney-Heather Mills online divorce game! Throw water on Fiona Shackleton and steal Paul’s money!

Is The Bitter Hatred For Heather Mills Misogynistic?

Is our Heather Mills hate misogynistic? The Guardian‘s Kira Cochrane thinks so: “Indeed, over the past few years, since her initial split from Paul McCartney, every nasty, misogynist epithet available has been thrown at …

Paul McCartney’s Lawyer Is a Hot, Sexy Babe

Heather Mills thought she’d had the last laugh when she poured that jug of water over the head of Fiona Shackleton, Paul McCartney‘s lawyer. Her little trick backfired, according to The Daily Telegraph‘s Celia Walden: …

Heather Mills: Pride Comes Before the Fall

I take one day off, and I miss the climax to a story I’ve been following for almost two years: Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney finally settled their divorce, with Mills garnering a 24.3 million settlement.

Paul McCartney Using iTunes Deal To Pay Off Heather Mills?

Is Heather Mills the reason why Sir Paul McCartney‘s releasing the Beatles catalog to iTunes?

Heather Mills Is a “Survivor,” Says Biographer

New York Post gossip Cindy Adams talks to Neil Simpson, the author of the new unauthorized Heather Mills biography The Unsinkable Heather Mills. He says, “I’m fascinated by people who life dealt a bad hand, got kicked down …

Yet Another Reason For Paul McCartney Fans To Hate Heather Mills?

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills‘ divorce could throw a wrench in his U.S. tour plans.

Heather Mills’ New Publicist Comes Out Swinging

Heather Mills‘ new publicist is even wackier than she is, and that’s truly saying something: Page Six reports, “Michelle [sic] Elyzabeth, an LA-based French publicist who was hired after Mills’ last rep dumped …