Harry Potter

New ‘Harry Potter’ Short Describes a 34-Year-Old Harry

It’s turning into a very Harry Potter kind of week. First we had an update on the spinoff movie Fantastic Beasts being shot in England, and what might have been our first glimpse at the titular creatures.

'Harry Potter' Spinoff to Shoot in the U.K.

We’re still a long way off the release date of the first film in J.K Rowling‘s planned trilogy of Harry Potter spinoffs Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but it was announced over the weekend that when the films are …

Radcliffe: "We Needed Acting Coach for 'Harry Potter'"

Before you come into this thinking Daniel Radcliffe is about to commence biting the hand that didn’t so much feed his career as gestate, give birth to, feed, change diapers and teach it how to walk, he is not.

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon’s The Roots House Band Raps ‘Harry Potter’

Late-night host Jimmy Fallon pulled out a reader’s request from the Tonight Show suggestion box reading, “Hey Jimmy, I love the Harry Potter theme, but I also love rap. Is there any way you can combine the two?”

Why You Never Saw Rik Mayall in a ‘Harry Potter’ Movie

Amid all of the links and clips that have been shared by British comedy fans in the wake of Rik Mayall’s death yesterday, there was a story that very few people were fully aware of at the time that has proven to be one final …

Karen Gillan Explains Why Brits Do U.S. Accents Better

It’s a Monday morning, summer vacation is still a way off and we could all use a lift, right?

WATCH: Britain’s Scariest Mythical Creatures

Is Nessie dead? No one knows for sure.

LISTEN: Benedict Cumberbatch and Hugh Bonneville Reading Children’s Stories

This week, the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 have been running a very special competition, encouraging children to write short stories. The winners were announced from the Hay festival, earlier this morning, and read out by …

Five Terrible British Mums for Mother’s Day

Note: none of these mums are real. All British mums are wonderful, especially mine. Mind you, the British Mothering Sunday was back in March so we can afford to be a little barbed without the risk of being sent to bed early.

‘Harry Potter’ Author J.K. Rowling Heading to TV with ‘The Casual Vacancy’

BBC and HBO are teaming up to bring J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy to U.