Happy Mondays

Watch: School-Kids Act Out The History Of Factory Records With Animation

If you’ve seen the film 24 Hour Party People, or have more than a passing interest in the music of the British city of Manchester (that’s basically Joy Division, New Order, the Smiths, Happy Mondays, the Stone Roses and all …

WATCH: Spoof Stone Roses Documentary ‘The Second Second Coming’

We’ve all seen those rock docos where an endless parade of talking heads trot out their half-baked ideas about bands and music and how things are made and what they do when they are made and all that. It’s a format which is …

Shaun Ryder Says He Wanted to ‘Rip Off’ Gillian McKeith’s Head

(L-R) Shaun Ryder, Gillian McKeith

Shaun Ryder Gets Sleepy on ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’

Shaun Ryder has so far been a decent sport in the new season of I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! But the 48-year-old Madchester icon is said to be nodding off repeatedly while living in the Australian jungle.