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WATCH: Sienna Miller Winning Praise as Tippi Hedren in ‘The Girl’

Sienna Miller has been picking up some good reviews for her portrayal of actress Tippi Hedren, the focus of filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock’s obsessions, in the new HBO film The Girl.

WATCH: Alec Baldwin on Why James Bond Has Endured for 50 Years

Alec Baldwin has never appeared in a Bond film, although he did star opposite Sean Connery in the 1990 thriller The Hunt for Red October.

WATCH: Alan Cumming on President Obama’s ‘Disappointing’ Debate

Alan Cumming is disappointed by President Obama’s performance in last week’s debate.

WATCH: Trudie Styler Wants ‘Female James Bond in Next Five Years’

Trudie Styler — producer, actress, environmentalist and wife of Sting — once had desires to be a Bond girl when she was younger. She recalls: “I had a bikini that I would put a knife in and sort of think myself to be the …