Photos: Britished-inspired Costumes from Anglophenia Readers

Anglophenia readers have been keen to send in their British-inspired costumes:

What did you dress up as for Halloween? Send us your pics

Why Do The English Have A Problem With ‘Trick Or Treating’?

Before we really get into it, can everyone just take a moment to have a look at this video clip?


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Dracula: Bram Stoker’s Very Anglo-Irish Bloodsucker

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Five Things You Might Not Have Known About Boris Karloff

You might not have known it, but this past weekend was Boris Karloff weekend. And not just in the sense that every Halloween is spiritually overseen by the famous horror movie actor.

12-Year-Old Makes Real-Life ‘Angry Birds’ Game – With Pumpkins

Doesn’t everyone think that life should be more like Angry Birds?

A 12-year-old from Warwickshire, England decided to do something about it.