Halloween Inspiration: 10 Celebs in Costume

We’re going to mix it up a bit this Halloween, taking a look at British stars in fancy dress, American celebs dressed up in British-themed costumes, and some just for fun (can’t turn our back on a Star Wars look).

WATCH: Why Halloween’s Really British

In the past, we’ve discussed how many Brits, particularly the English, are a bit ambivalent towards Halloween, dismissing trick-or-treating as an American export. But did you know that Halloween and several of its traditions are …

Dracula: Bram Stoker’s Very Anglo-Irish Bloodsucker

When someone mentions Dracula, chances are you picture a dark-haired, black-caped, mysterious gent who hails from Transylvania and sounds like Bela Lugosi. Of course Dracula now belongs to the world, but did you know that he’s really …