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The Top 5 Late-Night TV Moments of 2010

When it comes to late-night television, celebrity guests tend to let loose a bit, have a laugh and indulge in a bit of monkey business. And those saucy Brits do not disappoint.

The Tellyvangelist: Dec. 20 – 26

In this week’s Tellyvangelist — your weekly guide to all that’s British on U.S.

The Graham Norton Show’ Preps for New Season

Graham Norton has his hands full these days, with his hosting duties on BBC Radio 2, the Eurovision Song Contest, and his own BBC America chat and comedy hour, The Graham Norton Show.

Roundup: Justin Bieber Hearts ‘The Inbetweeners’

One cannot ignore the force that is Bieber fever, am I right? The Canadian popstar's face is everywhere, ALL.THE.TIME!

Graham Norton: I Don’t Joke About Amy Winehouse

In an interview with the Radio Times, Graham Norton says he has always toned down his bawdy humor for his BBC chat show and adds there are certain topics that he avoids. “Audiences don’t find Amy Winehouse funny anymore …

Tomorrow, Graham Norton and Fergie Ferg Will Love You Long Time

Even though she’s had her name pilfered by some dried-up Black Eyed Peas trollop, Sarah Ferguson remains the true Duchess. Don’t miss tomorrow night’s season premiere of Graham Norton, where she’ll match wits …

Jessica Biel Fears the Rourke

Actress Jessica Biel and the animated corpse formerly known as Mickey Rourke recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show. That episode, which has aired in the UK, has been pushed back to January here in the States to follow the American …

Is an American Doctor Who a Possibility? Plus: Graham Norton in La Cage Aux Folles?

Could we Yanks be getting our own Timelord? The Stage‘s Mark Wright speculates on why Jane Tranter, the BBC controller of fiction, has headed out to L.A.

Part 1 of The Graham Norton Interview

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Coming Soon: Exclusive Interview with Graham Norton

Anglophenia gets intimate with Britain’s most irreverent chat show host. Coming soon!