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Is an American Doctor Who a Possibility? Plus: Graham Norton in La Cage Aux Folles?

Could we Yanks be getting our own Timelord? The Stage‘s Mark Wright speculates on why Jane Tranter, the BBC controller of fiction, has headed out to L.A.

Part 1 of The Graham Norton Interview

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Coming Soon: Exclusive Interview with Graham Norton

Anglophenia gets intimate with Britain’s most irreverent chat show host. Coming soon!

Does Graham Norton Think He’s Clever?

Graham Norton has done an interview with The Observer‘s Barbara Ellen. Graham on his wit: “Occasionally I’ll say something and think: That was quite clever. But not very often.

Heather Mills McCartney Confirmed For “Dancing With the Stars”

My friend Mia IM’d me this morning, simply asking, How the hell is she gonna do the Paso Doble? We’ll certainly see, my friend, because it is confirmed: Heather Mills McCartney will hoof it in the next season of Dancing ...