Gordon Ramsay

Which of These Actors Deserves an Angly Award?

On November 2, BBC AMERICA will premiere the BAFTA Jaguar Britannia Awards, featuring honorees Robert Downey Jr, Emma Watson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mark Ruffalo, Mike Leigh, and Dame Judi Dench.

Is That It For The Great British Scold?

Today, the British press is a-flurry with the news that Simon Cowell is returning to the UK version of The X Factor. This is because it was in Britain that he made his name, the British show is his baby, and he just wanted to come back …

10 British Exports That Are More Popular In The U.S.

If a British cultural export manages to succeed in America, it’s a fairly safe bet that it already has some degree of popularity in its home land. Sometimes, however, exports from the U.K.

10 British Things About Las Vegas

You don’t have to gamble to enjoy Las Vegas — check out 10 British Things About Las Vegas:

Summer of London: Food Series on iTunes

Are you a master in the kitchen? Or, more of an armchair chef content watching?

Five Great British Scolds

A scold is someone who enjoys pointing out other people’s failings, and normally those are the kind of people you’d want to keep at arm’s length. But in the crazy upside-left world of television, the scold has …

News Roundup: Jamie Bamber Lands ‘CSI: Miami’ Guest Spot and Muse’s Matt Bellamy Slams London Rioters

In the upcoming season of CSI: Miami, we’ll get to see the handsome Jamie Bamber (Battlestar: Galactica, Law & Order: UK) guest star as “Robbie, one half of a freelance storm-chasing duo who is questioned by Sgt. Tripp (Rex …

Carson Daly Praises Gordon Ramsay’s Brutal Honesty

Some might find Gordon Ramsay‘s ultra-tough talking ways a little hard to take here and there. But on the flip side, it’s his cantankerous persona that’s made shows such as Ramsay’s Best Restaurant and …

Gordon Ramsay ‘Held at Gunpoint’ in Costa Rica

Yikes! When Gordon Ramsay visited Costa Rica recently, the British celebrity chef was met by some extremely unhappy people. Um, a gang to be specific.

The Tellyvangelist: Dec. 20 – 26

In this week’s Tellyvangelist — your weekly guide to all that’s British on U.S.