Gordon Brown

Firth, Cameron Make Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential’ List

Time magazine’s annual 100 Most Influential list was unveiled today (April 21) and several interesting Brits were included. And like every year, a profile piece showcasing each honoree was written by a friend or colleague within …

The Most Cringe-Worthy UK Celebrity Moments of 2010

When it comes down to it, celebrities are human beings, too. They make mistakes just like us. Right?

Celebrities React To UK Election Day

While Britain tries to sort out this whole hung parliament stalemate, The Daily Mirror has gathered the celebrity reactions to yesterday’s UK election. NME also has compiled the best tweets of the rich and famous.

Is UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown on His Last Legs?

Elections have been held in the UK, and the Labour Party didn’t do so hot. Basically, they were routed.

The Absolutely Fabulous Joanna Lumley Celebrates Political Victory

Gurkhas, an ethnic group from Nepal, have fought in the British Army for over 150 years. Yet many of those veterans were barred from living in the very country they so passionately defended for years.

New Doctor Who Trailer. Plus: Panic on the Streets of London

Two separate stories are dominating the UK press today – the Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead trailer has been released, and a whole lotta people are actin’ a fool over in London at the G20 summit.

Obama Drama Sweeps London for the G20 Summit

The Daily Telegraph is stalking President Obama and First Lady Michelle through London using Google Maps. And they have a really snarky live-blog commentary going on as well.

Toodle-Loo, Tony: Blair Hands It Over to Brown

Tony Blair exits stage left, and the Gordon Brown era has begun. The Guardian and BBC both have the extensive coverage you’d expect for such an historic handover.

A Little Brit of Politics: MP Fired For Racism. Plus: Diana Inquest

This guy makes Joe Biden look like the Mahatma: Patrick Mercer, a British homeland security minister, said racist slurs like “black bastard” should be expected in the Army, and added that while he was a colonel, “I …