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'Merlin's Colin Morgan Joins Netflix's 'The Fall'

Colin Morgan—star of Merlin, for those of you with short memories—has signed up to appear in three episodes of the second season of the BBC crime drama The Fall.

Brits with Birthdays: Princess Beatrice Turns 25, and More

If fans of the British royal family and its newest member, baby Prince George, need a reminder that little royals grow up fast, they need look no further than Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York.

Brit Binge Watching: Five Classic Novel TV Adaptations You Can View Online

Revisit classic British novels with these made-for-TV miniseries adaptations. Here are five for you to binge on:

Now Streaming on Netflix: BBC Thriller ‘The Fall’ Starring Gillian Anderson

Make no mistake: we here at Anglophenia love that Netflix has resurrected Arrested Development, which is for all intents and purposes a Britcom in U.S. drag.

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 9: Gillian Anderson

Here’s a curious thing. For someone with a decent intimate working knowledge of both the upper-crust English accent and the accents of North-Eastern America, Gillian Anderson appears to have little or no control over which one ...

WATCH: Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Johnny English Reborn’ Trailer

It’s been eight years since Rowan Atkinson first strutted across our screens as the hapless secret agent Johnny English, and in that time, a lot has changed. James Bond has become cooler and more real, Austin Powers is but a dim ...

PHOTOS: The Sexiest BAFTA Nominees of 2011

Leave it to us to take a celebration of acting prowess and transform it into a hollow glorification of surface beauty. But these eight actors, all 2011 BAFTA TV award nominees, aren't just smokin' hot, but they are also superbly talented performers.

Click here to view the gallery

Doctor Who’ Star Karen Gillan Set For ‘Romeo and Brittney’

We always knew Karen Gillan — feisty, fire-haired companion Amy Pond on Doctor Who — would be absolutely perfect for the big screen, and today Deadline is reporting that the Scottish beauty has been cast in the new film ...

Watch: Is This Climate Change Ad Funny or Offensive (or Both)?

You have may seen this video making the rounds today: the Swampland blog alerts us to an anti-climate change ad titled “No Pressure,” which features random Brits, including two schoolchildren, being blown to bits in the name ...