Gerard Butler

Roundup: Gerard Butler Joins ’24’ Creator for ‘Pinkerton’ Series

Gerard Butler is teaming up with television mogul Bob Cochran to produce Pinkerton, a short series showcasing fictional events surrounding the man responsible for founding the first detective agency in the United States, Scottish-born …

Pattinson: “World’s Sexiest Man”? Not With Gerard Butler Around

Please someone tell me: in what universe is this guy…

Sexy Gerald Butler Leaves The Booze Behind

Gerald Butler‘s partying days are behind him. The openly Scottish actor has quit drinking, he tells The Glasgow Daily Record: “I have done a lot of partying in my life. Now, I don’t drink anymore.

Gerard Butler’s Manly Hands. Also: Michael Barrymore Goes Down…

Photo gallery: Sexy Gerard Butler tries to find something to do with his hands while waiting at the airport. (Just Jared has the pics, including a rear view of Mr. Butler tying his shoes.

Gerard Butler: Naomi Campbell’s Latest Prey?

How does this woman do it? Granted, she’s gorgeous and wealthy.