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Royal Roundup: Kate Wows in Red and White for Canada Day

On Day 2 of her and Prince William‘s first official royal tour, Kate Middleton certainly dressed for the occasion when stepping out for Canada Day on Friday (July 1).

Royal Roundup: Marriage? No No, Not Yet, Says Prince Harry

Now that Prince William is finally a married man, many royal watchers are hoping that Prince Harry will be next to tie the knot.

Royal Roundup: Princess Beatrice’s Hat Earns $130,000 for Charity

Say what you want about Princess Beatrice‘s oddball royal wedding hat. Its impact on popular culture has been quite remarkable, not to mention entertaining.

Royal Roundup: The Queen and Johnny Depp Are Distant Cousins?

First Kate Middleton and Ellen DeGeneres were reported to be distant 15th cousins, and now The Queen and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp are also long lost kin?