Fright Night

REVIEW: ‘Fright Night’ Shows a David Tennant Ready to Rule Hollywood

When Fright Night, a merry, updated remake of a 1985 horror hit, opens today (Aug. 19), it should help firmly establish Doctor Who vet David Tennant in Hollywood.

News Roundup: ‘Fright Night’ Was ‘Delicious,’ Says David Tennant

• David Tennant has been explaining what it was that led him to get involved in the remake of the movie Fright Night and it seems largely to be the fact that his character is as unlike the Doctor as is possible.

As ‘Fright Night’ Premieres, David Tennant’s Career in Photos

This wry, wiry Scotsman may be best-known for his five-year stint inside the TARDIS, but he's been a fixture on British television for years. With Fright Night signaling his major arrival on the big screen, let's take a stroll back through Tennant's career in snapshots.

More Topless David Tennant, More Buff Colin Farrell

OK, so we’ve shown you a trailer for the new vampire movie Fright Night before, and you’ve seen that David Tennant takes his top off in it, right? Would it be too cynical a move to show you another, newer international …

WATCH: A Shirtless David Tennant in Second ‘Fright Night’ Trailer

When the first trailer for Craig Gillespie‘s forthcoming 3-D horror remake Fright Night hit the blogosphere a few weeks back, loads of fanatical David Tennant admirers were a bit disappointed that his character, the goth-tastic …

Take a Bite Out of the New ‘Fright Night’ Trailer

If last week’s Fright Night photo tease of a delectably gothed-out David Tennant as Peter Vincent left you drooling for more horror-tastic thrills on Craig Gillespie‘s upcoming 3-D reboot, IGN has the goods on the first …

New ‘Fright Night’ Photo of David Tennant Hits the Web

Last fall, we got our first glimpse of David Tennant as the Las Vegas magician Peter Vincent in Craig Gillespie‘s upcoming 3-D remake, Fright Night. And now thanks to Cinema Blend, we get a much closer look at the former Doctor …