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Fraser’s Phrases: Five British Sayings to Live By

There’s more to life than the wisdom imparted within these five expressions, but not much more. Consider this a British lesson in time-worn (but still very modern) etiquette:

Fraser’s Phrases: The Greatest Hits of the Uxbridge English Dictionary (Part 2)

As the last skim across the hidden delights of the Uxbridge English Dictionary proved to be such a hit (it’s here, if you missed it), here’s another dip into the vat of eternal delights. This time we’ve focussed our ...

Fraser’s Phrases Gets Its Knickers In A Twist

By rights, we should have started Fraser’s Phrases with this, because no single turn of phrase better illustrates what a mutual appreciation society the American and British versions of the English language are.

Fraser’s Phrases: Men Are From Mars, Blokes Are From Prison

Bloke has got to be one of the most well-known of British slang words, not least because it tends to find its way into the mouths of anyone who wants to have a crack at a English (meaning cockney) accent. Bloke (often wrongly pronounced ...

Fraser’s Phrases: Take A Shufti

Although today’s term has an official dictionary definition, and approved spelling, the fact that it can been found written as shufty and even shoofti, is a reflection of how it came into being.

Fraser’s Phrases: Mothering Sunday

Its easy to make cross-cultural assumptions about traditions which share a similar name. After all, if there’s a Mother’s Day in the US, which falls on the second Sunday in May, and there’s a Mothering Sunday in the ...

Fraser’s Phrases: The Curious History Of ‘The Hokey Cokey’

We all know the song, and we all know the lyrics. There’s the thing about your left arm, it goes in, it comes out, you repeat, there’s a bit of business with a funny name and a turn around, and that’s basically what it ...

Fraser’s Phrases: Five Slang Terms For The Head

Note the definitive article in that title there. This is a list of British slang terms for the cranium, not a list of euphamisms for a sex act, no matter what you may have assumed.

Fraser’s Phrases: Sweet As A Nut

Not for the first time, I settle down to write this blog post having very little information about the expression of the day beyond what it is and what it means. That’s not through a lack of research on my part, it’s simply ...

Fraser’s Phrases: It’s Just Not On

Sometimes the most innocuous sayings are the ones that that cause the most confusion. In fact, this post came out of a conversation between two Anglophenia writers – one British, one American – about something annoying, a situation ...