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Five Relatively Underrated Songs By The Kinks

Next week, Ray Davies of the Kinks, possibly the finest singer-songwriter Britain has ever produced (and that’s a fairly hotly contested field), is honoured at the Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef music awards. He’s being given …

15 Good Reasons Why Brits Don’t Use The Name ‘Randy’

Let’s not beat about the bush, we all know the Brits have a bit of a thing for sexual wordplay. They’re always at it!

Let’s Have a Knees-Up for St George!

Today, as you may already know, is St George’s Day. And this is a special day for all red-blooded Englishmen, because St George was a Greek man from Palestine, who became a Roman soldier in the third century, hundreds of years …

Six Innocent Phrases and Their Morally Suspect Origins

From “by hook or by crook” to “going Dutch,” here are six charming expressions that have morally dubious origins.

Four Words That Don’t Work Written Down (And One You Can’t Say Out Loud)

Most words work just fine in both everyday speech and written on the page/screen. There are a few spelling problems here and there, especially over proper nouns like Leicester, Worcester, or those crazy words like through and cough, …

The Pond Effect: ‘Amelia’ Is Britain’s Top Baby Name (For Girls)

The temptation to present the following information as a chart rundown is almost overwhelming. However, calmer heads must prevail, especially as my references are all Alan “Fluff” Freeman and yours are more Casey Casem.

Ten British English Words That Are Surprisingly Uncommon In The U.S.

Sometimes, in order to write about something, you have to go on a little voyage of discovery. So, having decided to research some words that are so common to British English it would hard to summon them without a reference point, but …

Ten Commonly-Misused Expressions From British English

Language is a liquid constant. Its only job is to communicate and, really, so long as it does this reasonably efficaciously, none of us have any reason to complain about the rights and wrongs of other people’s communication.

Personality Quiz: Could You Pass For British?

Some of you will have been reading Anglophenia for quite a while, absorbing huge chunks of British culture and possibly even dreaming of one day passing for a fully-fledge Limey.

The Brit List: Five British Terms for the Unemployed

Made Redundant

Let’s start with the nicest possible way to go from being in gainful employment to not being in gainful employment, when your job ceases to exist. It’s nothing you’ve done wrong, it’s merely that the company …