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‘Wackadoodle’ Makes It To The Oxford English Dictionary

Whenever fresh additions are made to the fusty old Oxford English Dictionary, a certain type of person will throw their hands up and openly bemoan the death of the British version of the English language. This cry is only intensified if …

St. Patrick’s Day: 10 Irish Slang Terms Americans Should Adopt

We’ve written a fair amount about British slang over the years, but there’s an equally strong pot of lexicographical gold on the other side of the Irish sea from the U.K. and as it’s St.

10 British Words for Illness

As befits a nation that is often blessed with inclement weather, the Brits have a fine array of slang terms for feeling unwell. The ones listed here are only those that don’t appear to have travelled too well across the globe, …

Brits Have 57 Slang Words For The TV Remote

My mum always called it the gubbins box. Others prefer blabber, or melly, or doobly, or zapper (occasionally veering into Frank, for obvious reasons), or doofer, or twitcher, or podger, or didge, or ponker,  or flipper, or doo-flicky …

Revealed: The Most Embarrasing Street Names In Britain

As anyone who has ever seen Benny Hill in action can confirm, the British are a nation obsessed with innuendo and saucy slang. They’ve been twisting the meaning of innocent words to make them smutty for centuries.

Fraser’s Phrases: The Curious And Ancient Origins Of ‘Scot Free’

What, you may ask, is so free about a Scot? Which Scot got away with something that he or she possibly should not have done, and why has this miscarriage of justice lasted so long in the language of the British Isles?

How To Pronounce Deliberately Off-putting British Place Names

Yesterday, our ever-helpful sister blog Mind The Gap published a list of American place names that are not pronounced the way they are spelled, in an effort to increase international understanding of local quirks for visiting Brits.

10 TV Shows That Explain British Culture

British life – from the bassinet to the crematorium –  has been dissected, examined and reflected back through the prism of the TV since the earliest, pre-war transmissions from Alexandra Palace in London. And for a small island, …

5 Things Only A British School Kid Would Know

Kids, as the old TV show claimed, say the darndest things. They also play the darndest games, make up the darndest tricks, find the darndest uses for stuff that falls from trees and, in one disturbing example, turn a campaign for …

10 Extremely British Baby Names for Girls

Not that we’re trying to influence world events or anything, but should anyone extremely British be on the lookout for suitable names for a female baby any time soon – can’t think of any examples off the top of my head, …