Footballers Wive$

Footballers Wive$ Take The Catfight To The Floor…The Dance Floor

You know them from their epic catfights…

Congrats to Footballers Wive$’ Zoe Lucker (Tanya) On Her New Baby!

Footballers Wive$ star Zoe Lucker is “gushing” over her newborn baby Lily Alabama (I’m a Lucker fan so I’m not going to comment on that middle name). She tells Hello!

NFL Conspiracy?: Footballers Wive$ Remake Dropped from ABC

Fans who wanted to see Xena the Warrior Princess donning Tanya Turner talons will be sorely disappointed: ABC did not pick up Football Wives, the American remake of BBC AMERICA’s Footballers Wive$. The U.

Say It Ain’t So: Krystle Whoops Alexis’ Ass For Real!

I grew up watching Dynasty, so reading this story is a little like being a kid and seeing your dad get beaten up by your next-door neighbor: Joan Collins and her formerco-star/rival Linda Evans were on tour together in the play …

“Footballers Wive$” Star Zoe Lucker Returns To TV. Also: “Life On Mars”

Footballers Wive$ vixen Zoe Lucker will shed her Tanya Turner talons for HolbyBlue, an innovative police drama from the makers of Life On Mars, MI-5, and Hustle. Lucker will play “a police wife and civilian worker” on what …

When America Re-makes British TV

Which of the new American remakes of British TV series will thrive – and which are doomed to failure? Tim Goodman of The San Francisco Chronicle predicts which shows will hit or miss.