WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman Dishes on Her Ideal Christmas Meal

Doctor Who‘s Jenna Coleman deems herself a “traditionalist” when it comes to sitting down for Christmas dinner. Coleman can’t go without turkey and all the trimmings, but there’s one American dish …

10 Places to Stock Up on British Goods in NYC

If you’re an expat desperate for the taste of MacClean’s Traditional Toothpaste or an Anglophile with regular cravings for Cadbury chocolate (you know, the real stuff), look no further—we’ve found ten foolproof …

WATCH: First Cereal Cafe Opens in East London

Shoreditch, London was first to see the opening of a Cat Cafe, and that venture is now being followed up with a … wait for it, wait for it … a cafe that serves only cereal.

Easter Is Coming: Let’s Make a Simnel Cake

We know that Anglophilia is a competitive sport—to be honest it is in the U.K. too—so why not have a bash at making a cake that is traditional to the British Isles, but not so ubiquitous that everyone has heard of it?

Brit Binge Watching: Five Cooking Shows You Can View Online

With the holiday season coming up, you may find yourself in the kitchen a little more than usual. These British cooking shows might get you in the culinary mood, or give you a reason to procrastinate, but no matter what … …

Jamie Oliver to Produce ‘Chef Race: UK vs. U.S.’

BBC America’s new show Chef Race: UK vs. U.S.

The Last Dinner on the Titanic: Historical Curiosity or Macabre Obsession?

On April 14, 1912, first-class passengers on the Titanic sat down to an 11-course meal. For many, it would be their final meal as that night the luxury liner hit an iceberg, broke apart and sank into the frigid waters of the Atlantic …

Britain Curries Favor With New Favorite Curry

Here’s the takeaway: Britons now like spicier Indian food.

According to a recent survey by the British Curry Club‘s Chaat! magazine, jalfrezi curry — a blend of hot green chilies, peppers, tomatoes and onions — is the number one curry in Britain.