Florence and the Machine

Six American Songs Re-imagined By British Artists (And ‘Call Me Maybe’ as a Ballad)

Last week Interscope Records released a sampler of the Great Gatsby soundtrack. With songs by Florence + the Machine and Lana Del Rey, it is just as promising as the film.

Florence’s Throat Finally Explodes

You know how sometimes you watch Florence Welch bellowing one of her songs of inspirational/hysterical pain and think “blimey!” (or local equivalent) “she’ll do herself a mischief if she keeps that up for much …

WATCH: Florence and the Machine’s New ‘Snow White’ Song

Just a little treat for your Tuesday afternoon. Here’s “Breath of Life,” Florence and the Machine’s new song from the soundtrack to the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Charlize Theron and Kristen …

Listen: Florence and the Machine Cover ‘Jackson’ With Josh Homme

We have no reason to post this except that “Jackson” is one of the best songs in the history of recorded music and while the Johnny Cash and June Carter version is as definitive as it’s possible to get, it’s a …

Five Great Ethereal British Singers

To celebrate the release of Florence and the Machine’s second album Ceremonials, which hit the shelves in American stores yesterday, here’s a gatheration of five female singers whose work is far too shimmery and wafty to …

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Doctors Pay Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

• Doctor Who Magazine has released a 100-page issue featuring tributes to the late Elisabeth Sladen, who played long-running companion Sarah Jane Smith. Interviewer Benjamin Cook has posted exclusive audio clips of Tom Baker, David …

News Roundup: Kate Winslet Battles ‘A Wall Of Fire’

Kate Winslet has revealed exactly what happened on the night of the fire at Richard Branson’s house, and who were the real heroes.

News Roundup: Lady Gaga to Portray Amy Winehouse in New Biopic?

Let’s begin with a story which, while it may contain a kernel of truth, is coated in so much nonsense you’d be hard pushed to find it.

WATCH: Florence and the Machine on ‘The Colbert Report’

Who knew Florence Welch‘s incredible vocal talents were first noticed during a stop in the bathroom after she consumed waaaay too many drinks? We learned that and a few other fun tidbits when the ginger songstress sat down on The …

Florence And The Machine’s Second Album Is ‘Nearly Done’

Florence fans, your (not actually all that) long wait for new material is nearly at an end. Album number two is on the way, and hopefully before the end of the year.