Five Great Things

The Brit List: 10 Great British TV Theme Tunes You May Not Know

Note: Before anyone writes in, let’s just assume we all agree that the best TV theme tune ever made is Doctor Who, OK? OK.

Brit List: Five Great British Pop Acts Who’ve Hit The Comeback Trail

Say it quietly, whisper it among yourselves, but British pop music really does seem to be making significant inroads into American culture again, does it not? What with One Direction doing their boyband thing and of course …

Five Great Irish Bands Who Are Not U2

This Saturday (March 17) is St. Patrick’s Day, which, as we know, gives everyone a free hall pass into the world of pretending to be Irish (even if you actually ARE Irish) and proud.

Commit No Nuisance: Five Great British Scolding Signs

It all started on a walk through Southwark in London. I say “a walk,” I was lost. But all was redeemed by the sight of this astonishing sign (above) on the wall of a building over the road.

Ten Great Homemade Remixes of the ‘Doctor Who’ Theme (And a Ropey One)

A good theme song, as with any well crafted tune, is strong enough to withstand any amount of fiddling and interference from the bedroom Mozarts of the world. And as we all know, the Doctor Who theme is the best TV theme song in the …

Five American Things The Brits Secretly Envy

Jealousy is a terrible emotion. It does nothing good for the soul, doesn’t get you what you want, and makes you feel unworthy of your own life, the most precious gift you ever received.

Five Great British Next-Big-Things That Never Were

They set off from London, eyes bright with optimism amid claims that America is theirs for the cracking, only to return, months later, as worn out husks. Here are just five British would-be conquerors who came back defeated:

Five Great British TV Comediennes

To make a list like this in good conscience – it’s to celebrate the launch of Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show on BBC America this Saturday night (March 3rd) –  you’ve got to be fairly sure you’re not suggesting …

Five Great British Actors Who’ve Nailed An American Accent

Recently, we’ve been having a bit of fun at the expense of Americans who appear to be adopting haughy airs and graces, in an attempt to raise their social standing by trying to be British. But what of the British actors who had to …

Five Great British Supermodels Who Deserve A TV Biopic

To celebrate the occasion of Karen Gillan’s astonishing portrayal of Jean Shrimpton in We’ll Take Manhattan, here are five more Great British Supermodels who deserve their own moment of dramatic historical recreation.