Family Guy

Top Gear Thursday: ‘Family Guy’ Meets ‘Top Gear’

There appears to be one overarching theme for Top Gear this week, and it can be summed up in one word: cartoon.

Greatest ‘Doctor Who’ References In Popular Culture: Asides

If you work in a creative industry, and you happen to be Whovian in your tastes, chances are some of that reality is going to come out in your work. This is equally true of cake bakers as it is of people who make television programs and …

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 1: Stewie Griffin

Welcome to a new series in which we shine a spotlight upon a unique cultural phenomenon, namely Americans pretending to be British in order to make themselves look better educated and clevererer (and stuff).

‘Family Guy’ Welcomes Ricky Gervais… As a Dolphin

Um, we think it’s pretty crazy that Ricky Gervais hasn’t appeared on Family Guy yet. They’re the perfect match, right? Each are controversial, clever, snarky, and gut-bustin’ hilarious!