Eurovision Song Contest

So What Happened In The 2012 Eurovision Song Contest?

I am glad you asked.

Blue Blame Political Voting For Eurovision Failure

We probably should have mentioned this in more detail earlier on in our Eurovision coverage, but one recurrent criticism that the entire event suffers from is the question of voting bias. It’s considered that some countries are …

Eurovision Report: The Second Semi Final

That’s it then. The second semi final of Eurovision is over, eyeballs have been peeled, ears destroyed, all of the 25 finalists have been selected, and there is, in a very real sense, no turning back.

Eurovision Report: The First Semi Final

Eurovision fans — and I know we’ve managed to convert at least some of you over the past few weeks — your long wait is nearly over. Last night saw the first of two semi finals, the purpose of which is to whittle 43 …

UK Chart Report: LMFAO’s Enemies Gather, And Blue Recieve Lukewarm Support

In this week’s chart, there’s not much going on at the very top. LMFAO are still ruling the roost with their “Party Rock Anthem,” and Bruno Mars’s “The Lazy Song” is chipping away at their heels …

Blue Hit The Eurovision Campaign Trail

It seems there is far more to this Eurovision performance lark that just turning up on the night, doing as well as you can given the circumstances and crossing your fingers that people will vote for you. Certainly the UK’s chosen …

Blue Criticize UK Radio For Lack Of Eurovision Support

We may not know who is going to win the Eurovision Song Contest on May 14, we might not be sure which songs will rule the evening and which ones will slink away quietly to lick wounds and recuperate, but one thing is for certain, if the …

So Who’s Gonna Win Eurovision This Year?

Having prepared the ground with several bewildered examinations of Eurovision’s past, it’s time to have a look at the runners and riders in this year’s competition, which takes place on May 14.

The Worst Of Eurovision: A Personal Selection

We’ve already had a look at some of the better entries Eurovision has thrown out over the years, but what of the truly awful ones? Well, matters of personal taste apart, it can be devilishly tricky to spot which is which in such a …

Why Doesn’t The UK Win Eurovision Every Year?

In our last roundup of Eurovision delights, we were looking at the best, most memorable performances the competition had to offer. And, actually, surprisingly few of these have been from UK entrants.