Emily Watson

WATCH: ‘The Book Thief’s’ Emily Watson on Power of Words in Dark Times

In The Book Thief, out today (November 8), Emily Watson plays the foster mother of a young girl in Nazi Germany who finds inspiration through books and words. The picture is based on the 2005 international bestseller of the same name …

Brit Binge: Five Political Dramas You Can View Online

BBC America aired the original House of Cards on February 17, 2013. Don’t worry if you missed it, it’s currently available on Netflix and on Blue-ray at the BBC Shop.

Photos: David Tennant and Emily Watson in ‘The Politican’s Husband’

David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Emily Watson (The War Horse) play husband and wife in BBC2’s three-part dramatic series The Politican’s Husband (April 25). You may have already seen the post on Anglophenia from yesterday (April 15) …

WATCH: David Tennant and Emily Watson in ‘The Politician’s Husband’

Oh hello, David Tennant, is that you back again with another quality drama (for U.K. fans, at least), before Broadchurch has even left the airwaves?

An Anglophenian View Of The SAG Award Nominations

So, the Screen Actor’s Guild have released the full details of their annual awards, with a whole heap of films and TV shows getting well-deserved slaps on the back for being generally fantastic and stuff.

Emily Watson Takes Steven Spielberg’s Call

Speaking by phone from the set of Little Boy in Mexico, British actress Emily Watson told me how she’s moving into a new phase in her career playing interesting mothers.